60 vegan sandwich ideas

Never run out of nutritious lunch ideas with our collection of 60 vegan sandwich ideas. Our sandwich inspiration was created by Yvonne and renowned vegan chef Tony Bishop-Weston to celebrate The Vegan Society’s 60th Anniversary Diamond Jubilee 1944 – 2004.

Vegan Sandwich bread options

Expand your sandwich repertoire and experiment with different types of bread to come up with different flavour pairings –

  • White
  • Brown
  • Multi-grain
  • Sourdough
  • Seeded loaf
  • Rye Bread
  • Pitta
  • Tortilla Wraps
  • Wholewheat Seeded Bagels
  • Knäckebröd Bread
  • Chapatti

Top tip! We love the ‘Korma Have a Go’ on Chapatti bread. Chapatti and other flatbreads can be made easily in minutes with just a bit of flour, water & salt – add in some toasted seeds, herbs or garlic to bump up the nutritional content.

Gluten-Free Vegan Sandwich alternatives

For Gluten-free versions of our vegan sandwiches, use pancakes -made with gluten-free flour and soya milk, Chinese rice pancakes or corn tortillas or just try in a bowl with plenty of salad.

Lower-Calorie Vegan Sandwich Alternatives

If you’re looking to lower your calorie intake without compromising on taste (or nutrition) why not opt for an open sandwich, replacing half the bread with plenty of extra veggies or serve your sandwich filling with a generous salad.

Make calorie-informed swaps – Chapattis are delicious and have around half the calories of their Tortilla and Pitta bread cousins! Chinese Rice pancakes are also a great lower-calorie option.

Remember that denser Rye bread will keep you feeling fuller for longer than highly processed and refined white bread.

Our favourite vegan sandwich ideas

1. Med Veg – Roasted Mediterranean vegetables and hummus on sun-dried tomato bread.
2. Gentleman’s BLT – vegan cheating “bacon” steak, lettuce and tomato, thick bread.
3. Wee Willy Winkle – vegan cheating sausages with HP sauce and lettuce.
4. Phillymangerer? – dairy-free cream cheese with red peppers, garlic, chopped mange tout and celery.
5. Scrambled Meg – scrambled tofu, cauliflower and mashed sweet-corn, parsley, dairy/egg-free mayo and nutmeg with cress.
6. Peanut Buttie – organic fair trade peanut butter with dairy-free coleslaw, bean-sprouts and lettuce
7. Humorous – olive hummus, red onion and salad on posh bread.
8. Sushi Poochi – sweet corn, marinated smoked baked tofu strips, nori seaweed flakes with pickled ginger, lettuce, lemon and capers in rice pancake wraps.
9. Peanut Butter and Jelly – For a healthier version of the American favourite, opt for organic peanut butter (we like Whole Earth) and organic no-sugar jam.
10. Ploughman – vegan cheddar Cheezly, pickle, radishes and lettuce.
11. Fungi Filler – wild mushroom and tarragon pate with gherkins and red onion.
12. Moscow Munch – vegan “caviar” and salad with egg-free mayo.
13. Korma Have a Go! – smoked tofu or vegan “chicken” and vegetable korma
(in curried egg-free dairy-free mayonnaise) with crispy lettuce.
14. Bagpipe Bun – Scottish vegan haggis, Piccalilli and salad
15. Posh Chip Buttie – roasted rosemary and sesame seed potatoes with watercress.
16. Borscht Buttie – pickled beetroot, caraway, hummus and lettuce
17. My Mate – yeast extract, soft dairy-free cream cheese and slithers of Granny Smith apple.
18. Sehr Gutenburger – cashew nut burger with sauerkraut.
19. Cinderella surprise – grated carrot, red peppers, red onions, zest of orange with toasted pumpkin and coriander seeds, raisins and chilli
20. Dolphin Friendly Salad – Cheating Tuna or (frozen) flaked smoked tofu, vegan tomato pesto, spring onions, sweet corn, vegan mayo and salad.
21. Tapenade Tantalizer – olive pate with dairy-free cream cheese and salad.
22. Cold Dog – vegan cheating frankfurters, sauerkraut, tomato sauce, mustard and onions.
23. Miso You Madly – miso, walnuts, bean sprouts, and crisp salad.
24. Devil’s Delight – ginger marinated seitan with chilli and bean sprouts.
25. Mock Duck – mock duck or crispy smoked tofu with black bean sauce, spring onion, shredded Chinese leaves and bean sprouts.
26. For Alfalfa’s Sake – alfalfa and red roasted pepper hummus.
27. Tikka Bite o’ This- vegan “chicken” marinated in Tikka sauce, vegan mayo and salad.
28. Bloody Mary – tomatoes, black pepper, sun-dried tomato paste on olive ciabatta.
29. Monster Munch – nut loaf, salad and pickle.
30. Dilly Dhal-ly – lentil, garlic and lime pate with dill cucumbers, red onion and mango chutney.
31. Tzatziki Tingler – cucumber, vegan yoghurt, tahini, mint, garlic with watercress.
32. Kentucky Baked Finger Licking – crisp-baked faux Turkey with spices, salad, and vegan mayo.
33. Club sandwich – cheating chicken, vegan cheating nacho cheese, red peppers, onions, olives, sun-dried tomato paste, oregano, vegan pepperoni.
34. Chocoholic – organic fair-trade dairy-free hazelnut and chocolate spread with bananas.
35. Wimbledon – vegan dairy-free cream cheese and freeze-dried strawberries or sugar-free strawberry jam.
36. Totally Tropical – vegan cream cheese with dried apricots, pineapple and sunflower seeds.
37. Wonderful Waldorf – vegan mayo, apple, celery, walnuts and sultanas.
38. Frittering Fancy – corn and smoky snap fritter with salad in a buttie.
39. Moussaka Me Gently – roasted aubergine, garlic, creamed potato, nutmeg, sun-dried tomato paste, grated vegan “cheese” and vegan mayo.
40. Bubble ‘n Squeak – pickled red cabbage, onion, shredded green cabbage, crushed black pepper, low-sodium salt, tahini, toasted sesame seeds, yeast extract, shredded baked potato and vegan mayo.
41. Bounty Hunter – creamed coconut, toasted nori seaweed, bean sprouts, fresh coriander and lime.
42. Mole in the Hole – guacamole with smoked garlic, sliced baked vegan sausages and lollo rosso in a corn tortilla wrap.
43. Falafeling About – sliced falafel with onions, chilli sauce and shredded cabbage.
44. Nice Ikea/Swedish Cobbler- vegan Swedish-style “meatballs” with pickle and salad.
45. Sunday Roast – “Cheatin beef”, horseradish, alfalfa and red onion.
46. Popeye Picnic – Lentils, spinach, garlic, vegan mayo, low-sodium salt and crushed black pepper
47. Figure this – Fresh Figs with vegan Cream Cheese
48. Salsa Switch – red kidney beans, sweetcorn, jalapeno chilli, tomato paste, onion, gherkins.
49. Squish and Chips – fishless fingers and chips with vegan mayo and lettuce.
50. Hot Pot – hemp seed pate or hemp pesto with onions, alfalfa, Jamaican hot pepper sauce and cucumber.
51. Get Stuffed – Sage and onion stuffing, soysage and redcurrant Jelly.
52. Mango Mangler – Sliced mango and baked smoked Tofu.
53. Ackee Snackee – Ackees, onions, nutmeg and soyannaise with cress on toast.
54. Babaghanoush – Aubergine pate, assorted leaves and spring onions in a tortilla wrap.
55. Court Chester – Roasted Chestnut Pate, mushrooms and cranberry sauce.
56. Quincidence – Quinoa burger with quince jelly and salad.
57. Temper Tempeh – Slices of smoked seaweed tempeh with lettuce and Mayo.
58. BBQ Buster – BBQ’d Vegetable Kebab with BBQ sauce and lettuce in a wholemeal pita.
59. Burrito Buttie – Veggie Mince, salsa, jalapeno pepper, dairy-free cream cheese and gherkins in a tortilla wrap.
60. 60th Anniversary Celebration Cake Ciabbata – marzipan, dates, figs, walnuts, brazils, raisins and grated carrots with vegan cream cheese or try the Christmas vegan Malt loaf!

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