Nutrition for complex conditions

Many modern chronic and complex conditions don't have a simple cure or may not be covered by traditional medical routes. Often complex conditions require a multi-faceted approach that includes diet and lifestyle as well as other complementary interventions.

Common complex conditions I see in my clinic include:

  • Fibromyalgia/Chronic Pain Syndrome
  • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and ME
  • Histamine intolerance and multiple sensitivities 
  • Long-Covid / Post Covid Syndrome

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reishi and shitake mushrooms

What is a complex condition?

Complex conditions covers a wide variety of conditions and symptoms.

People come to my clinic seeking help with collections of energy-draining symptoms which may or may not have had a medical diagnosis. It's known that diet can affect your mood and energy, so they come to me seeking answers and solutions.

Health conditions without a medical diagnosis may be classified as stress-related after the GP has thoroughly investigated but found no organic disease, leaving the person with little in the way of treatment plans.

How does Nutritional Therapy support health issues where single strategies are not working?

Your health is a delicate balancing act and there are many areas that can impact on your body's ability to regulate itself. Nutritional therapy looks at the whole picture of you as an individual to assess how best to support you.

Look at the cargo ship analogy below to see how nutritional therapy takes a holistic view of your health to offer strategies that deliver bigger benefits.

cargo ship loaded with cargo containers

Your health as a floating, balancing act

Imagine your health is like a cargo ship, making its way through the sea of your life, keeping you and your health afloat. Each piece of cargo is a health area.

shows genetic health cargo being loaded onto your health ship.

Understanding the impact of genetics

Health cargo may include genetic predispositions, such as atopy (a genetic tendency to develop allergic diseases e.g. allergic rhinitis, asthma, eczema etc.)

shows external factors health cargo being loaded onto your health ship plus your genetic cargo.

External factors & diet contributors

Other cargo includes burdens your body has taken on such as external pollutants, dietary stressors like alcohol, excess sugar and processed trans fats,

shows an unbalanced over loaded cargo ship that's been loaded with lifestyle factors on top of genetic and external factors

Lifestyle factors & underlying issues

Lastly, lifestyle pollutants such as smoking, stress levels, health conditions e.g. thyroid issues (even if subclinical), increased levels of inflammation and digestive disorder.

Sinking health ship overloaded with too many stressors

Suddenly it's all too much & you feel like you're sinking

You may be adding such cargo but are still afloat and then one more thing happens; this is often a virus-triggered illness like glandular fever (Epstein-Barr virus), COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2) or a bacterial infection such as Lyme disease (Borrelia bacterium).

shows genetic health cargo being loaded onto your health ship.

Over time nutritional therapy can reduce the load

After carefully going through your health history, we look together at what your individual pieces of health 'cargo' may be, what we may be able to take away through dietary and lifestyle changes and what we can work to lessen so you stay afloat and are better able to cruise through life.

Health testing for complex conditions

My clinic offers a comprehensive range of tests that may help us manage your cargo. These include:

  • Adrenal stress testing
  • Sex hormone testing via the DUTCH method
  • Thyroid testing
  • Digestive health tests
  • Organic acid testing for nutrient needs 

N.B. It may also be that if the need for medical support is also indicated, we will refer you to your GP.

test tubes for gut health testing available at our clinic

Ongoing support from chronic & complex conditions

With more complex health issues the benefit of a multidisciplinary team and working together are really evident, this is something I encourage and help you put together. The advice I may give is never a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment, it is complementary to this.

I offer more frequent, shorter and manageable consultations for those battling fatigue.

Tailored advice and support from a registered nutritional therapist

Over time, I can help you make positive changes to reduce the load on your body by reducing controllable stressors like diet and lifestyle and using strategies to mitigate the impact of the things you can't control - like your genes.

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Booking an appointment with our nutritionist is as easy as 1, 2, 3...

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Have a 1-1 session with Yvonne in-clinic or over Zoom to discuss your nutrition and map out a plan for the future.

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You'll receive a tailored plan and together we'll agree follow up sessions & build a support plan that suits you.

Rather speak to a human being? Talk to Laura, our lovely clinic manager, she'll be happy to book your session and walk you through everything.

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