Health Concerns

For details of the health concerns that I can support you with as a nutritionist, please see below, or book an appointment to discuss your requirements

Nutrition for mood & energy 

Diet and lifestyle stressors can deplete our mood and energy. if you struggle with low mood or fatigue, nutritional support and positive changes can lead to whole health improvements and health resilience.

I offer tailored nutritional advice to optimise both your mood and energy levels and get you thriving again.

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Weight loss support

Study after study has proven that traditional diets don't always work and can often lead to increased weight gain over time. My approach to weight loss is evidence-based and proven from years of in-clinic experience.

If you'd like support to lose weight and keep it off in a safe and supported way please get in touch.

Nutrition for gut health

Science tells us that a healthy gut microbiome is essential for proper digestion and overall health and wellness.

A healthy digestive system can improve our lives in a myriad of ways, but because we're individuals, an optimal diet can look different for everyone. I can help you optimise your diet and lifestyle for improved gut function and health.

I also offer a range of digestive health tests, including microbiome analysis, to help us get to the root cause of your digestive symptoms.

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Nutritional Therapy for fertility, pregnancy & family

Improvements in diet can have hugely positive effects on fertility levels for both women and men. Nutritional therapy can be used on its own, or alongside assisted conception (IVF) to improve your chances of conceiving and having a healthy pregnancy.

My fertility programme (featured on GMTV LK today) has had proven success for individuals and couples seeking to get pregnant and have a healthy baby.

Nutritional support for complex conditions

If you're managing a complex or chronic condition (or several conditions), I can work as part of your healthcare team to optimise your nutrition.

Many people that come to see me feel they have exhausted traditional medicine routes to health and have found that nutrition and lifestyle changes can be the missing part of their health jigsaw.

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Nutrition for Skin health

Dietary support can profoundly affect our skin health and how we age.

Nutritional therapy can also support those affected by chronic skin conditions such as eczema and acne and bring your skin back to health from within.

Disordered eating support

I have additional training and 20 years of clinical experience in helping both children and adults with disordered eating practices.

I work with referrals from psychologists and the medical profession and can work directly with patients as long as your doctor has approved it.

Please note: due to the highly involved nature of support required, I work with a limited number of disordered eating clients at any one time. Please click on the link below for more details.

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Plant-based nutrition

With over 30 years of experience working with plant-based nutrition and as co-author of several vegan cookbooks, I am always excited to support those wanting to adopt a more plant-based diet.

I can help you build a nutritionally complete and inspiringly delicious vegan, vegetarian or dairy-free diet to suit you.

Tailored advice from a registered nutritionist

Nutritional therapy is recognised as a complementary health discipline, appropriate for both those with chronic conditions and those looking to prevent future illness.

As a registered nutritional therapist with over 20 years of clinical experience, I can help you optimise your nutrition to support your health and wellbeing.


Booking an appointment with our nutritionist is as easy as 1, 2, 3...

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Schedule a convenient time using the link below. You'll receive a detailed questionnaire to fill out before your session.

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Have a 1-1 session with Yvonne in-clinic or over Zoom to discuss your nutrition and map out a plan for the future.

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You'll receive a tailored plan and together we'll agree follow up sessions & build a support plan that suits you.

Rather speak to a human being? Talk to Laura, our lovely receptionist, she'll be happy to book your session and walk you through everything.

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Frequently asked questions

What does a nutritionist do?

A nutritional therapist (a registered nutritionist) is recognised as complementary medicine, appropriate for both those with chronic conditions and those looking to prevent future illness.

Registered Nutritional Therapists will assess and adjust your diet and nutrition and :

  • Can help to play a role in treating symptoms caused by an illness and optimising good health.
  • Often work with chronic conditions such as allergies, digestive and bowel disorders, hormonal imbalances, and weight management.
  • Help individuals meet their individual health goals
  • Take into account the unique dietary needs of each individual
  • Are voluntarily regulated nutritional therapists that have completed the minimum national standards of training and adhere to the CNHC Code of Conduct and Performance and Ethics
  • Demonstrate commitment to high professional standards according to the Accredited Voluntary Register (AVR) Scheme

There are lots of ways a nutritionist can help you optimise your health and wellbeing:

  • Mood & energy
  • Gut health
  • Skin health & conditions
  • Fertility & pregnancy
  • Weight loss & weight management
  • Weight gain
  • Disordered eating
  • Chronic & complex conditions

Visit our services page for more details.

How many appointments will I need?

The number of appointments you'll need with a nutritional therapist will vary depending on:

  • your health and nutrition goals
  • the level of individual support your require and
  • whether you are managing any chronic conditions.

Our support packages are individually tailored to help support you over the long term. So you may need 2-3 longer appointments at the start of your journey, and then you may prefer to switch to a short phone call every few weeks to check on your progress.

We are happy to discuss your requirements and support during your consultation.

How much does a nutritionist cost?

Initial consultations with Yvonne cost £125 for up to 90 minutes.

This includes a comprehensive health questionnaire, your initial consultation and your plan.

Follow-up consultations are charged at £85 for up to 1 hour.

We also have flexible 30-minute and 15-minute options for longer-term support and check-ins. 15-minute follow-up calls can be booked in blocks of 4.

We also offer a limited number of reduced fee consults every month for those on low incomes. Please contact to apply 

New Forest Nutritionist

Visit Yvonne at our nutrition clinic in the centre of Beaulieu in the heart of the New Forest. Free parking is available on site.

Yvonne is offering virtual consultations for those seeking online nutritional advice or who are outside the local area.

Since the pandemic, changes to working patterns mean that I now see my Harley Street clients online. Our Beaulieu clinic is fully open for face-to-face appointments - see our COVID-19 advice for all visitors

Beaulieu Nutrition & Natural Health Clinic, The Old Queensmead Dairy, Beaulieu, SO42 7YA