Fertility & family nutrition

Planning to have a family can be one of the most exciting and daunting decisions we make. Nourishing you and your partner’s bodies helps to prepare for the amazing process of fertility and pregnancy.

If you’d like advice on how to optimise your health for fertility, what to eat and drink, what to be aware of in your environment, and how to manage exercise and stress levels, I can help.

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Nutrition & lifestyle make a significant difference in fertility

If you visit your GP for advice to help you conceive, you’re most likely to be told to avoid alcohol and smoking (sound advice), keep trying and come back if you are not successful. The next step is likely to be IVF or a similar assisted conception technique. Not knowing how to best support your health for fertility and pregnancy can lead to a feeling of the process being out of your control.


What science tells us about nutrition & fertility

It is well proven that alcohol and smoking have a detrimental effect on fertility, but there are many other evidence-based nutritional steps you can take to improve your chances of conception.

A study at the University of Surrey, of several hundred would-be parents with a history of fertility problems found 81% of couples put on tailor-made holistic pre-conceptual care programmes, that focussed principally on diet, vitamin and mineral supplementation and avoidance of environmental toxins, went on to produce healthy babies

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Children’s health & nutrition

Yvonne works with children and their parents or carers to optimise their health.

I offer everyday, practical children’s nutrition support, including increasing variety in children with limited diets.

I also have hands-on experience and can offer additional nutritional strategies for neurodiverse children.

I can also provide nutrition and health programmes for health conditions (with the approval of the child’s GP)


Fertility nutrition programmes

Yvonne’s fertility programmes start at pre-conception, ideally working with both parents to prepare the sperm and egg for development and then to prepare the woman’s body for pregnancy.

There are programmes for the three trimesters of pregnancy, and the first three months post-partum, sometimes known as the fourth trimester.


1st trimester

1st trimester

2nd trimester

2nd trimester

3rd trimester

3nd trimester

4th trimester


Nutrition advice for Fertility from a registered nutritionist

As a registered nutritional therapist with over 20 years of clinical experience, I can help you optimise your nutrition to support your health and wellbeing on your fertility journey

I'll support and educate you with evidence-based advice.


Booking an appointment with our nutritionist is as easy as 1, 2, 3...

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Schedule a convenient time using the link below. You'll receive a detailed questionnaire to fill out before your session.

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Have a 1-1 session with Yvonne in-clinic or over Zoom to discuss your nutrition and map out a plan for the future.

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You'll receive a tailored plan and together we'll agree follow up sessions & build a support plan that suits you.

Rather speak to a human being? Talk to Laura, our lovely clinic manager, she'll be happy to book your session and walk you through everything.

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New Forest Nutritionist

Visit Yvonne at our nutrition clinic in the centre of Beaulieu in the heart of the New Forest. Free parking is available on site.

Yvonne is offering virtual consultations for those seeking online nutritional advice or who are outside the local area.

Since the pandemic, changes to working patterns mean that I now see my Harley Street clients online. Our Beaulieu clinic is fully open for face-to-face appointments - see our COVID-19 advice for all visitors

Beaulieu Nutrition & Natural Health Clinic, The Old Queensmead Dairy, Beaulieu, SO42 7YA