Nutrition for mood & energy

Our diets and lifestyles can profoundly affect our energy and mood.

We all know we need to get enough sleep and to find a way to fit regular stress relief into our lives, but what and how we eat is also likely to be a necessary area of self-care for our mood, energy, and resilience to life’s stresses

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The gut-brain connection

Our brains, and so mood and energy, function best when they get the fuel and nutrients they need, and when neurotoxins are minimised.

We need vitamins, minerals, essential fats, amino acids and protective antioxidants from our diets and I can help you make sure you're getting all the nutrients you need to optimise your mood and energy levels.

What science tells us about food and mood

Our brains are hindered by diets high in sugar as the resulting elevated insulin levels trigger inflammation, and oxidative stress (the free radical waste produced by the everyday functioning of our cells) increasing the chances of mood disorders.

Certain food additives and artificial sweeteners may also have a neurotoxic effect, so highly process foods can also be an issue.

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Blood sugar balance

Blood sugar imbalance can leave you tired, lethargic, more easily anxious, thirsty, getting headaches, and gaining body fat.

My blood sugar balancing dietary strategies can help you to get your blood sugar, and potentially insulin levels, back into balance. These may include:

  • Plate ratio planning to help find the best balance of protein, fats, carbs and veg to support your energy and lifestyle needs
  • Meal planning to fit in with your lifestyle and with the meals you share with others
  • Stress management support to help reduce the impact stress hormones have on blood sugar levels.

Read More on Blood Sugar imbalance.

How nutrition can help your mood & energy

My plans to support mood, energy and resilience are very much tailored to your needs but may include the following areas of focus which can be supported by dietary and lifestyle strategies and, where appropriate, testing and nutritional supplements.

I offer Practical steps to improve the nutrient density of your diet to supply the mood-supportive nutrients your brain and nervous system need.

Supporting neurotransmitters

We support the chemical messengers which excite or relax us including serotonin (happiness), dopamine (pleasure), endorphins (feel good & pain relief), acetylcholine (memory & motivation).

Adrenal stress hormone balance

If stress hormone levels are too high we can feel out of control. Adrenal stress tests can be very helpful in identifying where you are in the cycle of stress hormones and how best to support you.

Regulating blood sugar balance

Blood sugar highs & lows can leave you feeling tired, anxious  and unmotivated. Stress hormones can accentuate this rollercoaster. Dietary strategies to balance both blood sugar & stress hormone are often needed.

Nurturing the gut microbiome

Gut bacteria influence serotonin production, support gut health and so facilitate the absorption of brain and nervous system nutrients from your diet.

Holistic lifestyle advice

Lifestyle advice is an important part of a holistic strategy, and we would together work out how find realistic and practical ways to support your sleep and stress level reduction.

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You'll receive a tailored plan and together we'll agree follow up sessions & build a support plan that suits you.

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New Forest Nutritionist

Visit Yvonne at our nutrition clinic in the centre of Beaulieu in the heart of the New Forest. Free parking is available on site.

Yvonne is offering virtual consultations for those seeking online nutritional advice or who are outside the local area.

Since the pandemic, changes to working patterns mean that I now see my Harley Street clients online. Our Beaulieu clinic is fully open for face-to-face appointments - see our COVID-19 advice for all visitors

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